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I decided to message all the people I'm following with a positive message : So I know you never goes on but you're like one of my favorite rp partners ever. I miss your finn but i mostly just miss talking with you in the tags. I went though my old messages on zoe and saw the first one you sent me and it made me kind of nostalgic in a way? Anyway you're a great person love you.


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Grant Gustin attends the CTV Upfronts 2014 

Grant Gustin attends the CTV Upfronts 2014 

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Grant Gustin signing autographs at the CTV Upfronts 2014 [source]

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Can I keep the sweatshirt?

Yeah, keep the sweatshirt.


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Grant Gustin + Jett on Instagram (Part 1)

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When I was a kid I played sports. I started tap dancing when I was eight because I had showed interest in it, but not really knowing I was showing interest in it. I was at home putting on shows of my own, with my brother and sister, kind of making them do stuff with me like that. My mom knew that was a part of me even if I didn’t, so when I didn’t want to play soccer anymore, she was like, “All right, well, if you’re not playing soccer you have to do something else.” So she put me in tap class because she thought I would love it because I like Gene Kelly. I started doing Community Theater and then I was in a performing arts high school. So I was kind of doing community theater for fun as a kid growing up for sure. I wasn’t necessarily training and I didn’t get intense about training at all until later in high school.

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He’s gorgeous :(

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